Goodbye WordPress

It is my 300th and last post through WordPress, this will end the reign of the highly successful popular culture blog of DICKnBALLS, forever immortalised in history, for the WWW to click and laugh and cry and rage

But before I go I would like to thank…


For your Arrogance

The only Airforce Colonel who I would gladly stare blankly at for hours on end LT. COL. SAMANTHA CARTER PH.D

For your Fake Physics

The only 10-year-old who had his mother’s blessing to hunt and catch animals all over the world ASH KETCHEM

For your sheer determination to be the stupidest Pokémon Master of all time

And last but definitely my favorite in this countdown (which I thought up 5 minutes ago because I couldn’t think of anything else)


For giving me hope that one day I will come in contact with alien races Hellbent on my Destruction

I’m continuing some DICKnBALLS on, on TUMBLR so if anyone wants to follow me I’m here

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Remember WordPress

“You are fully capable of deciding your own destiny, the question you face is, which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide”

Finally have consumed all of the television mastery of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica (Since 2004)

Hot chicks, Holy wars and Hilarious curse words…

Time for some D-GENERATION X


New Blink-182 song is killing it right now, it’s called Hearts All Gone of their forthcoming album called Neighborhoods, the first song that was released (which I dare not speak its name(Because I didn’t take any notice)) was shit and THIS song is not, so get on it punk and slightly hardcore fans

There has been some intense skate video’s that have been hitting my facebook stream recently but these are my top three…

Koston’s dork ripping


Samuel Partaix some European dude who rips like Geoff Rowley

Watch on YouTube


But the beast of all vids is this recently Birdhouse pro AAron Homoki



Maybe I should start bringing my gameboy on the train

Guajira Guantanamera

Discovering my love for Mariachi… Priceless ULTIMATE MARIACHI

Just finished watching the first season of Fringe and I have to accept that I will never really understand how someone can think of such a crazy storyline ??? What I’m definitely not gonna do is drop the spoiler at the end of the season because it is wicked and watch it for yourself!!!!

Next Three Seasons should be good

Went and saw the movie Hanna last night and it was probably the best thriller I’ve seen for a while, also Hanna is badass

Bear Grylls and Jason Bourne mixed in with boobs….

Some wicked Hardcore music I’ve been spinning at the moment is OATHBREAKER‘s new album Mælstrøm, it’s pretty intense and signed to Deathwish so you know it’s gonna be a quality album, to anyone who loves a little Converge grunge and some high-pitch whaling vocals give it a go as the bogans at Palmy pub would say

Gonna get back to some Eastbound and Down

Adiós mother fuckers





Hippy jumps are still cool in my book

Been getting back into GOLF as of late and I have to say defs loving it again, also in the process of training up for a HOMBRE golf championship day which is gnarly, going to Two-Ball Ambrose it up with this guy

Team FAHANDS will be unbeatable!

On a completely related note, the only thing bad about nearing the end of a TV Show is that it eventually ends :( and this is my feelings towards my favorite show to date Stargate SG-1, I’m now up to Season 10 the final season in the SG-1 franchise ;( and although it has been epic the show had to finish (Four years ago(Shut up I know I’m late)) :( So I urge anyone that wants to watch a decent SciFi that has over 200 episodes and 3 movies watch SG-1

I miss Teal’c already ;(

Just checked out the Summer 2011 Mix that Tyler, The Creator uploaded to the cloudsound, The album art is sweet but so simple definitely a favorite album art of mine… oh and the mix is pretty killer too

Also still hyped on OddFuture, they may get shat on and raved about by critics, raged at by christians and parents but damn they have a tight indie business going on, only suggestion

Needs more pie

Yeah now I want pie

Is looking way to good not to chase up

For anyone who has watched 2004’s Battlestar Galactica you would know that CYLON’s are bad ass and Caprica is a gay rich annoying planet full of lame politicians, but what you didn’t know is the cool story behind the creation of the Cybernetic Lifeform Node and how gnarly virtual technology was before the CYLON’s attacked

I have only watched the Pilot but cannot wait to watch the shit out of the next 17 episodes (Yet again 2 years late because I live in Australia)

Something else I recently started watching was EuReka, A weird show about smart people doing science and shit, One season down and I can safely say Henry is BADASS

He’s probably right

Chad Mu$ka arrested was a pretty big funny over the week, dude gets himself into shit, I also think he looks like a reincarnation of a child rapist :s, you guys be the lol judge

HONKEY HONKEY BE HONKEYING don’t forget if you wanna waste your time go watch his apology

Back at the old school-house last week, but only for a day as I picked up a sickness on the fucking train and missed the rest of the week :( which means catch up and new groups FUCK FUCK FUCK

Thanks QR might as well have fucking done this

But my Swine Flu is fading and my clear head and handsome looks are back so this week will be my bitch

…Just like Stargate SG-1 Season 9 *SWAGWAY

Pretty upset Richard Dean Anderson isn’t fully in this Season but shit happens saving the Universe ya digg (Lol Kommando Sg-1)

These dudes would definitely be something I’d see LIVE





Hello welcome to another thrilling instalment of DICKnBALLS, Hear is your host Benjamin Case

Thank you Ben and now to Firefly

Firefly is a SciFi Western that was canned after only one season on FOX in 2002, I’m about to watch it for the giggles, I’ll give you a run down when I’ve stopped puking apparently

In process of downloading soundtrack….

Found a pretty cool tumblr called fuck yeah troy abed got some funny gif’s and lolworthy stuff on there, but the main reason I am blogging today is because of this

This sweet Mug is only $12… but at this current time I only own a maximum of $10.86 which is a bummer, anyone wanna lend me some money? LINK LINK LINK There is a sick Starburns shirt aswell, so much loling occurring

Download of the week has to be this

Actually loving Mariachi El Bronx, this song 48 Roses is really cool makes me wanna go to Mehico

Well I’m off, I have been your DICKnBALLS Watch Community and

A Space Odyssey was very slow and ultimately confusing???

I tried to watch this thing which apparently explains it but got annoyed and stopped trying… If you don’t like slow movies or don’t like watching a movie from 1968 that was way to overhyped then don’t even try to watch it

Also another fail of Science Fiction is Farscape

<Insert a meaningless rant about how the storyline makes zero sense, the actors are terrible and the other 9000 floors about this waste of money>

Apart from being a critic of Sci-Fi I am currently unemployed, so now I need a comic book store!!!


I’d totally be like that

Need some more Stargate, anyone got a copy of SG-1 Season 8 they wanna give me? For good? I’m missing this guy ;(

Off to watch some LOTR: The Two Towers, watched The Fellowship of the Ring on Sunday need my fix, R.I.P Boromir, in Lolz we remember you

Go Check The Berrics for some improvements, now it has FULL SCREEN MODE ON ALL VIDEO’S (Now Quicktime woo)

BATB IV is heating up!!!!

Back in the A.U.S after a wonderful 14 days in Wellington New Zealand, cost me lots of money, an iPhone but still had the best time in ze world, did some projectile vomiting and ate a crap load of Turkish food (that shit is dope) only saw sheep from the plane this time though :( oh the memories

These Shoes…

Are the best shoes I’ve ever bought, so comfy and stylish loving Dekline’s kicks, still pretty small here in Aus but they have some tight products boom check it

Party Time

Found this gnarly website that has alot of pop-culture cutouts would be sick to get this hanging up in my room FOR SHO!

Whilst on holidays I saw Super 8, soooo good definitely go see it!

Decoda Fanning’s sister is kinda babeish maybe… PS. the monster looks like Lady GaGa, just sayin

Still can’t wait to see this….

Lol jokes I have a brain





Hijo de puta

I’ve been hell busy lately so on the catch up….. this is a ball jersey I designed for shits n gigs

Also been working hell amounts, doing labouring and painting!?@$#% I feel like a regular Jesus Picasso

On the countdown to Wellington at the moment, I have T-Minus 5 days left till I’m sipping Tui agin <3

Or maybe Wellington has more sophisticated beer? Anyway TUI have the best Billboard ads, look them up sooooo many funnies

Listening to Touché Amore’s – Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me album only because it is actually awesome, loving the crazy shit they have going on

Also checking out these…..

Pretty Sick

Ghetto as, dude has a rad twitter feed aswell @fucktyler

The Goo-Goo Dolls can suck their Ball

Been reading a lot about Tyler, The Creator lately and found out his brother Earl is in boarding college for making this video or so the legend is told

Time for some study…….. see you next month wordpress……

Better give me my COD back soon

Just read the funniest shit on, all the lolz from the Bin Laden death, I thought this one was pretty funny

Listening to some Deathwish Podcast 29 and 30 right now, Jeremy from Touché Amore is getting interviewed by Patrick Kindlon from End of a Year (now Self Defence Family) and shit is well funny, have a listen to some sweet hardcore chatter and a couple of Deathwish tracks!

Part 02 has some funny shit about BrOk3nCyDE!1!!!00, definitely listen to the whole of both of them

Also been listening to The Grates newie Turn Me On, such a gnarly band and may just go to their tour….. if I get a job and some mullah together!

Plane ticket’s to Wellington are currently in my possession, departing on the 27th of May and I can’t be more excited! New City, New shit and cannot even wait for a well needed Holiday

Ok Dizzee


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